Describe - Expanded!

Created by Rob Reinhardt

Describe - Expanded!
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Missed out on the Kickstarter? No worries. For a limited time, you can still join in and pre-order Deck One and/or Deck Two! Describe is possibly the most versatile conversation starter deck ever. One day it's an icebreaker, another it's a tool for introspection, and another it's a party game. Popular with counselors/therapists, teachers, families, coaches, authors, and even RPG Players, you can find Deck One on, if you don't want to wait. Those outside the United States may wish to combine shipping with Deck Two! Deck Two is only available for pre-order and we estimate it will be available in December 2018. Ships almost anywhere worldwide, including free shipping on the first item to the U.S. and customs-friendly shipping to the UK/EU, Canada, and Australia.

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$6,513.00 / 104 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: December 2018


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Describe - Deck Two (Pre-Order)
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Describe - Deck One (Pre-Order)
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